Uses Of Zinc Oxide

Zinc oxide in Tire-Rubber Industry:
It is used as a speading agent in the vulcanization of tires. It inceases the elasticity of tires, providing resistance to wear and tear.

Zinc oxide in Paint Industry:
It is chemically reactive substance, as well as white pigment. It gives consistency.It protects the paint against ultraviolet rays and delays fading. It gives hardness to the paint layer. It has an anti-mold effect.

Zinc oxide in Ceramic and Glass Industry:
It increases the material’s brightness and resistance to thermal and mechanic shocks. It improves the optical properties of glass.

Zinc oxide in Textile Industry:
It serves as a filling agent, gives whiteness and robustness to the material in which it is used, also gives elasticity, creates anti-mold and antibacterial effect.

Zinc oxide in Metal Coating Industry:
It is used for coating various metal surfaces and protection against corrosion, as well as in the surface coating of electrical home appliances as it boosts electrical resistance.

Zinc oxide in Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industry:
It helps cell renewal by its antiseptic and dehydrating effect. In addition, it is used in the production of matches, accumulators, batteries and chemical fumes.

Zinc Oxide in Fertilizer Industry
Used in production of composite fertilizers.

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